About Burning Calories

Well it seems that this is going to be a photo blog. It’s going to be photos, gadgets, running and things that catch my attention.

Still new so we will see how this develops, but here are some facts on burning calories…


An 84kg (185 pounds) man will burn 178 calories per hour by walking, walk – jog 266 and run at 5mph 355 calories. Speeding up to 6 mph will burn 444 calories. Running at 8.6  (13.8km/h) will burn 644 calories. All these don’t seem much according to my watch and calculation but they must be correct.

If all this is too much for you, you can wait in line for the next iPhone which will burn 56 calories per hour and around 600$ instantly.

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  1. Frank Shorter, mentioned in one of your earlier blogs, was at the Munich Olympics. The latest Runner’s World magazine talks about his experiences there. Nothing short of amazing they were able to run at all after the shootings 😦


    • According to an article by the German magazine Der Spiegel in a 2012 the German police had a tip of the Palestinians plan but the authorities failed to act in time to prevent the incident.

      you can read it here


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