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Fun run and new shoes


Today was my first run after last Sundays Marathon. I felt I had recovered by Wednesday but I was too busy to fit in any running and a few more recovery days would only do good I did not stress too much about it.

So today was my first easy fun run to test my new shoes. I decided to go for the NB 1400v2. They look fast so they should be fast too! And they are…at an easy pace the shoes are comfortable but nothing out of the ordinary   till you start to accelerate and suddenly tiny wings come out of the sides and turbo boost is activated!

I think they are the perfect summer shoes for short fast runs. They have a slightly tight toe box so for long distance runs they might be a bit uncomfortable. Will give them a try and see if they stretch out a bit after some runs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.08.29 AM


But the big question still lies ahead…which should my next big race be? A 10k pb? my 10th marathon? where? when?

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  1. About time you tried New Balance…you won’t go back. It’s like changing from Mac to PC 😉

    As for your next run, I think your 10th marathon should be special. Somewhere amazing. Hhhhmmm, maybe Australia?! Join me down under 🙂


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