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  1. The old is so much nicer, couldn’t agree more. I really liked it. This new one looks boring and boxy…pity


  2. Yeah it has no class…nothing to do with the run, the stadium! Looks like a runner is about to get electrocuted! Hope they’re not trying to warn everyone about something.


    • Its a classic runner and a modern M. Thats my best guess. It could also be “runners beware of falling objects”


      • It looks like a performance chart gone wrong to me… not a good omen for a marathon. I like the old one better, it’s a bit too classic and could use some updating, but the new one sucks. 🙂

  3. Oh my god, this is awful… The old one was a bit old-fashioned and the text not very readable but at least it had some style and “classic” aesthetic. The fonts on the new one though… I have seen Powerpoint presentations from accountants with nicer fonts. The symbol I assume it’s also supposed to resemble the route. It fails miserably of course.


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