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Hydration added to the list.


I’m not an expert but the theory has that for every kilo you weigh you should drink 35ml of water. So 82kg x 35ml is 2.8lt of water daily. About 0.8 comes from fluids in food so I need to drink 2lt daily. Since I’m also running I should increase this by 50% on non training days. (On training days it should be double)


This is an insane quantity for me!

My routine till now was to have a bowl of cereal in the morning with milk (about 200ml) and this was my morning fluid intake. During the day I would have maybe one glass of water till I came back from work at about 5pm. By that time I either had a mild headache and dry lips. For  the remaining of the day I would maybe drink another 3 glasses of water, juice or a soft drink.

Today I decided to do it right and start drinking the right amount daily. I know how important hydration is but…

I just came back from interval run and omg! I am drenched…now I know why I need all this water.

So this is another goal to the list.

By the 6th of April, Marathon day I shall:

  1. make a habit of drinking water
  2. lose 4kg of fat
  3. run a PB.

Next goal, stretching.

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  1. Regardless of running, you should definitely drink more. I try for 3 liters a day, most of it I drink at work. I fill 3 water bottles (.75 liters each) and drink them through the day.


    • I know, a couple of co-workers do the same. I need to make a habit of it. I take a 1lt bottle and try to refill it.


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