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End of Thessaloniki Marathon Training week #5


No, not a great week.

Tired with absolutely no energy or will to run. I had to push myself into doing at least something. To be honest I have been sick for a few days and this has drained my energy and will to push myself. So instead of 3 runs I dragged my body into two.

  • Interval training, warm up 3k and 5 sets of 1 k at 4:10 pace. Did the warm up but on the first set I knew I was not up for it so I just had an easy 8 k run back home.
  • 22k long run, slower pace than planned but did ok (5:35 avg pace, 135 avg bpm) . Really could not bother running in the streets so I went to the track and listed to Steve Jobs biography while running in loops. Interesting “read”. A couple more long runs and the book will be over before I know it.
  • Canceled 15k run at a progressive pace from 5:30 to 4:30 per km.

Next week will be hopefully better. Time for some Battlefield 4.

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    • thanks, i was actually with a cold last week, nothing major but for a few days. This week I was really exhausted probably recuperating


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