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End of Thessaloniki Marathon Training week #4

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One month completed and the result of a proper training plan are clear.

Did 3 runs this week (and lots of eating) as planned.

  1. interval with 3k easy warm up followed by two sets of 3km at a pace of 4:30/km and 1km at a pace of 4:00/km. 4 minutes rest in-between. One km very easy to cool down.
  2. treadmill interval with a 4km easy warm up followed by 8 sets of two minutes at a speed of 15.7km/h. Easy walk for 2 minutes in-between. 1km easy run to cool down
  3. long run. 20k at a fun pace of 5:26 and avg heart rate of 145 bmp. Great running weather today! Sunny, not too warm not too cold just perfect.

Overall a good first week for 2014.


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  1. Great workouts mate, looking to smash your pb. Keep it up buddy, you’re improving heaps. Next time we run together i’ll be begging you to take it easy on me!


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