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The man who never stops.

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Probably one of the world’s best Ultra Runers, Yiannis Kouros is participating in the annual Across the Years race in Arizona. The event started on the 28th and is  a 6 day race on a 1.05 mile track. You can follow his progress here, on the 6 day tab.

Do watch this mini documentary about this amazing and authentic character. No matter if you are a runner or not you will be inspired.

Strength, persistence and belief.

Below is a list of his achievemnts according to the International Association of Ultrarunners.

Distance races

100 miles Road 11h 46min 37s 13.665 km/h
1000 km Track 5d 16h 17min 00s 7.338 km/h
1000 km Road 5d 20h 13min 40s 7.131 km/h
1000 miles Road 10d 10h 30min 36s 6.424 km/h

Time races

12 h Road 162.543 km 13.545 km/h
12 h Track 162.400 km 13.533 km/h
24 h Road 290.221 km 12.093 km/h
24 h Track 303.506 km 12.646 km/h
48 h Road 433.095 km 9.023 km/h
48 h Track 473.797 km 9.875 km/h
6 days Road 1028.370 km 7.142 km/h
6 days Track 1038.851 km 7.214 km/h


Best of luck to Mr. Kouros for his race.

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