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End of Thessaloniki Marathon Training Week #3

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Once again I changed my Marathon plans and instead of glamorous Paris I’m running Thessaloniki Alexander the Great Marathon again. Registered and all set for April 6th.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 8.15.52 AM


End of the 3rd week, a combination of running, Christmas and too much food! Luckily I did complete all my planned runs and feeling good. 3 runs as planned.

  1. 1k warm up, 30 mins at a pace of 4:40 and another km to cool down
  2. 1k warm up, 15k at a pace of 5:10 with the last 2 km at a pace of 4:35.
  3. 30 min weight training at the gym.
  4. 18k run with a comfortable pace of 5:12 per k.

It seems that training is quickly paying off making things interesting and raising my expectations…

Till next week, Happy New Year.

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