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End of Thessaloniki Marathon training week #1


This is the end of the first week of training in preparation for the Paris Marathon in April.

First week of 15. It is going to be a tough 14 weeks since this time I’ve got myself a coach and it seems that she knows what she’s doing.

Monday was weight training in the gym. The next days followed with 2 sessions of interval training and a 30min run at a pace of 5:05 per km.

The first interval run was on a treadmill, 5k warmup followed by 10 sets of 1min at 15km on 3% with 1 min at 4km. 1 more k to cool down.

The second session was on the road. 4k warmup with 5 sets of 1k at a pace of 4:15 with 2:30 mins walking in-between. To finish up a 1k easy run.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 9.51.22 AM

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