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A new generation of GPS watches. Forerunner 220/620

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Garmin, maker of the popular Forunner series has announced the release of two new GPS equipped watches. These two new models move the game a step forward by adding a few features never seen before in a watch. An array of sensors will be able to measure your VO2 Max and  running stride.

Both models have a colour touchscreen and all the typical features you would expect from a GPS equipped watch.

The 620 ($400) will also measure:

  • Ground Contact. This is the time your foot in in the ground rather than in the air. Measured in milliseconds.
  • Cadence.  The watch will ecords your number of steps per minute . A typical cadence is between 150 — 200 steps per minute, with 180 steps being the target.
  • Vertical Oscillation. In other words, how bouncy your running style is. The less the better.
  • Recovery time. Estimates the time your body needs to recover.
  • VO2 Max. VO2 max estimates the maximum volume of oxygen (in milliliters) you can consume per minute per kilogram of body weight at max performance. VO2 max is an indication of aerobic capability and should increase as your fitness improves.
  • Race Predictor. Projects your finish time for a given race distance based on the your current VO2 max estimate.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 7.43.01 PM

Not bad for a “simple” watch. Much better than any smart watch out there.



In the video it seems that the watch communicates with the iPhone directly via bluetooth to upload and analyse the data collected. Also there is live tracking through the phone. Both features would be super cool but I did not see them mentioned on the product page. Maybe I missed it.




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