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Ambit 2 and 2S software update

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Suunto released today an update for the Ambit and Ambit 2S watches. The update for the 2S which I carefully looked in since I updated my watch has a few new features and bug fixes. The new power saving mode is really a welcome improvement to giving an extra interval mode for the GPS. I have now set the watch to  1sec for running, 5sec for trekking and 60sec for walking.

In more detail these new features and improvements are:

New power saving option:
A new power saving option has been added to increase battery lifetime while using GPS. In Movescount you can select OK (~60sec fix), Good (~5sec fix) or Best (~1sec fix) GPS accuracy when customizing your sport mode. The new setting Good gives you 12 hours of GPS performance with little loss in distance or track accuracy.

Track back:

Retrace your exercise route with the new Track back feature. From the Navigation options, you can start track back at any time during your exercise. Alternatively, you can track back an exercise from your logbook directly from the Navigation menu.

Cumulative ascent/descent:
Using GPS Altitude, Ambit2 S can now display cumulative ascent and descent during your exercise. To ensure the values are as accurate as possible, GPS accuracy must be set to Best.

Memory sync reminder:
When 50% of the logbook memory has not been synced to Movescount, Ambit2 S will display a reminder after an exercise and when you enter the logbook. The reminder also shows how much memory (in percent) has not been synced.

Automatic scrolling of exercise displays:
In custom sport modes, you can set the displays to automatically scroll during an exercise. In Movescount you can turn the scrolling on or off and set the scroll speed. While exercising, you can also turn off automatic scrolling in the options menu without affecting your Movescount settings.

Multisport summary:
In your logbook, you can now view the summary of each individual sport along with the totals for a multisport, adventure racing or triathlon Move.

Improved swimming display:
The swimming screen saver has been replaced with the possibility to view your customized swimming display while swimming. The bottom row will continue to indicate that you are swimming.

Context-sensitive View-button:
Keep the View-button pressed in different modes to access new shortcuts. In Compass mode you get straight to compass settings. In other modes, keeping the View-button pressed inverts the display.

Enhanced accuracy for outdoor swimming:
The distance measurement and map representation have been improved for better accuracy in outdoor swimming exercises.

The update is fast and easy. Automagically just like syncing. Moveslink will also need an update after.

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