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My iPhone predictions for September


Well here are my iPhone predictions for the upcoming September event.
Apple will announce 2 new iPhones. The updated 5S and the new iPhone 5C.
The 5S will be an updated faster better version of the 5. Same form factor, probably a gold color with better camera and faster processor. Battery life will be significantly improved in combination with the larger screens improved power consumption and iOS power management. Nothing more than the usual past S series upgrades.
The iphone 5C will be a crossbreed between the iPod Touch and an iPhone. A plastic colorful, cheaper iPhone. Plastic will cost less for Apple. Plastic has faster production times and easier to manufacture.

The popular iPhone 4S will no longer be available and replaced by the 5C. iPhone 5’s price will drop and still be available.

Nothing really exciting this fall. But we can always expect the unexpected from Apple.

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    • I agree with you but I dont belive they will release something exciting this time. Hardware will be a bump frwd and software we already know, iOS7.

      Networking between devices and venues needs to improve and be more social….so we can interact less and less with our friends and family. 😁


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