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Running rules to follow.

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Every runner has some rules and ways they follow in regards to their running. Some are straight forward and logical, others come from experience.

I was reading the other day an article by Runner’s World on the 25 Golden Rules of Running and I’d say that I follow most of them but my 10 “don’t fuck up your run” rules are listed below. In no particular order:

1. The Specificity Rule. The most effective training mimics the event for which you’re training. Want to race on an uphill route, train uphill. Trail run? Train on a trail…

2. The 10-Percent Rule. Increase weekly training mileage by no more than 10 percent per week. I’d say a good rule to go by, if you have enough weeks left in your plan. If not, then you have to toughen up and do more. Might need extra recovery time but that is part of the game…and rule 6.

3. The 2-Hour Rule. Wait for about two hours after a meal before running. I’d say pretty obvious.

4. The 10-Minute Rule. Start every run with 10 minutes of walking and slow running, and do the same to cool down.

5. The Familiar-Food Rule. Don’t eat or drink anything new before or during a race or hard workout. Wise words here.

6. The 20-Mile Rule. Build up to and run at least one 20-miler before a marathon. I’d say 2 or 3 is better.

7. The Carbs Rule. For a few days before a long race, emphasize carbohydrates in your diet.

8. The Left-Side-Of-The-Road Rule. To keep safe, run facing traffic. Not always possible. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of your surroundings.

9. The New-Shoes Rule. Replace running shoes once they’ve covered 400 to 500 miles. And don’t do it on race day!

10. The Long-Run-Pace Rule. Do your longest training runs at least three minutes per mile slower than your 5-K race pace. Or slower if you can. Don’t really get it but slow works for long runs.

With the Rule of all rules being #5. If you get a stop signal then you are stopping…






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