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Mid day run.

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Today I was offered two choices, a) to go for a mid day run b) not to run at all. So picked the first. I knew it was going to be hot but I had planned a short 50min run. The first 25 minutes were actually really nice, I was going fast and felt strong but suddenly my body overheated, I had to slow down and take it easy.


On the way back I saw a couple sprinklers watering a garden. An oasis to my eyes. I decided to ran through them to cool me down but when exiting the garden disaster stroke. I stumbled on a freshly cut bush and lost my balance. While in mid air, in that fraction of a second, I realised that I was flying head first with 10k per hour towards a tree trunk. I was going to be nasty ! I had to save the fall no matter what. With a quick Cirque du Soleil aerial manoeuvre I avoided the tree and saved the fall altogether. In the process I pulled half of my chest and shoulder muscles but I’m glad I did.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.39.56 PM

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