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“Album is not Any” iPhoto Tip

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I use iPhoto since day one to store and organise my photos and I’m pretty happy with the outcome but my library has grown to over 17.000 photos in a few years making organisation a necessity.  iPhoto offers several ways to keep everything in order. Events, dates, places and faces are some of those but I tend to stick to the more tradition methods like Albums and even better Smart Albums

The typical album will have photos shot with my DSLR, iPhone and maybe a few sent to me by friends. I tend to create the album when I download the photos from the DSLR and on a later date add the photos from the iPhone and possibly even later the rest odd ones. This creates partially complete albums since I forget to add the remaining photos later. I was not aware of this till I realised that some photos were missing from the albums but I did not panic! I took a deep breath and thought of THE solution.

I created a new “Smart Album” with the condition “Album is not Any”. This has the result to collect and display all the photos not included in an album. The count was 5200 photos which had to organised in some form. Not all belong in an album since many are just random photos but it I prefer to know what is going on digital shoebox.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.30.19 PM

I’m such a power user!

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