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The Ringtool

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If you are one of those guys that always has to have some sort of tool with them to adjust, secure and fix things then the Ringtool is the right multitool for you. It’s made of hardened and tempered stainless steel making it durable and almost weightless. Perfect for your EDC.



-Bottle-cap opener
-3mm Hexhead
-4mm Hexhead
-5mm Hexhead
-6mm Hexhead
-8mm Hexhead
-Flathead Driver
-Phillips Driver
-Torxhead T25 Driver
-0.127″ (3.23 mm) Spoke wrench
-0.130″ (3.30 mm) Spoke wrenche21301a5591aa27e81950f9d23688c42_large

If you are looking for a few more tools on your keychain check out the Atom as an alternative.

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