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Juneathon Challenge (update)


Juneathon, a running challenge in which you have to run, log and blog every single day in the month. Haven’t made up my mind if I want to take part but in any case here is todays run. It will be hard to find the free time and energy to run every single day. Work, family and spare time make this harder than marathon training!

As I think of this challenge, there are ways of tricking your way through the month by running every day but low milage. I don’t want to do this since my aim is to gradually increase my milage and rest days will play a big role in achieving this. The most kilometres I have logged in a month are 248.2 and if I manage to average more than 5.7km per day in June I will consider the Juneathon a success. That is not by running every single day but dividing my total by 30 days. e.g. 170k / 30 day = avg 5.6km per day which is more or less my average when in training….which I’m not these days but I’m mentally working my way into choosing my next marathon.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 6.44.34 PM

*Having read the official rules at any form of exercise will do, not just running. This makes it easier but still a good challenge.

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