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LifeProof for iPhone 5 or any iPhone…


LifeProof makes the most well know and trustworthy waterproof case for the iPhone so I decided to buy one since I was in the market for one. Summer can be cruel to any gadget. Water, sand and sweat do not agree with my iPhone.

The case will protect the phone from water, dirt, snow and drops.

  • Water Proof – submergible to 6.6’ (2m) for up to 60 minutes (the case will sink)
  • Dirt Proof – totally sealed against minute dirt & dust ingress
  • Snow Proof – fully enclosed to keep melting snow, sleet and ice out
  • Shock Proof – withstands drop impacts from up to 6.6’ (2m)

All that with the minimum of added bulk and weight to the phone.

Finding a case was not easy since there no retail stores around carrying the case so online was the solution to my problem.After some research I realised there are several look a likes and counterfeit cases so LifeProofs web store is the safest bet.

The case is not cheap at $80 but it is well made, fits the phone as it should and it is waterproof. The plastic has a nice texture and seems to protect the phone from drops and bumps. The camera does not lose any quality since the lens is glass and not cheap plastic. On the other hand there is some compromise on the audio output level since the case seals the phone although fre  (the case manufacturer) claims there is no loss. You can still hear the ringtone and feel the vibration but slightly muted. The microphone does not seem to be affected so there are no excuses on not hearing or being heard on the other side…

The headphone jack is sealed with a screw type of plug (you get a spare) where as  the lightning connector is sealed with a hatch type of closure.

There are several colour combos available. I went for red/black but which I regret. Black/black would be much better.

All in all an expensive case which justifies the cost with great built quality and hope of saving your really expensive iPhone from an unfortunate event.Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 5.54.53 PM

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