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Buddy Traffic is now live

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Received an email today letting me know that Buddy Traffic is available in the app store and ready to be put into good use. The app is really simple and looks good. It only needs our contribution to make it what its supposed to be.

The app works like a bit like this:

  • Open the app and get your location on the map,
  • Choose one of the four traffic faces, Red, Yellow and Green with the obvious meanings (and add the optional comment). There is also a Silver face to let everybody that there is something going on like an accident or road works for example.
  • Done.

There is another tab within the app with all the users traffic reports to help you choose wisely your route.

Their web site seem to still be in “demo” mode but I guess this will change soon.

Looking good…

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  1. Takis from the BuddyTraffic Team here! It’s been a great first day for us and your quick review made us feel better! Feel free to ask me anything!


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