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I want one!

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To be honest I don’t really need it, since I have a Garmin 310xt and a Suunto Core, but it is not an issue of needing….

The Suunto Ambit is the dream watch for active people who enjoy sports and the outdoors. It is a watch that combine the features of the Garmnin 310xt and the Suunto’s Core into one everyday wearable watch which does not look like a teleported on your wrist. Although it is large the design and color makes it look more like a watch and less like a satellite station.

In addition to the usual features of gps location, speed, time and heart rate that most running computer have the Ambit works well with Suuntos Movescout from where you can set up the watch to your individual needs. Upload your routes and download user made “apps” that will suit your activity. eg set a screen to display your extended marathon time with your current pace.

The feature list is long so visit the website for full details but the watch has good battery life, is water resistant to 100m, upgradable and as I said before has apps, a unique feature that gives the Ambit a serious advantage. It does not sync wirelessly like the 310xt and can display only 3 data fields in a single screen. Nothing major except for the high price, but I do have expensive taste…





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