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After cancelling my Rotterdam marathon plans and running around with no race to aim for  I decided to run the Alexander the Great Marathon in Thessaloniki in late April with a couple of friends and committed by buying the plane tickets. So in order to be able to take part I need to do some training. After all part of the fun-challenge is the preparation..

But as it seems training is not easy these days. After a few sleepless nights and  stressful work today, I managed to fit in a training session. But to my luck by the time the kids were in bed  and free for a much needed end of the week run it started to piss down with rain. I knew that if I cancelled and had dinner it would stop raining immediately just to break my balls, so I decided to go against all odds and run.

The plan was 15-20 mins of warm up and 2 sets of 100m x8 with 40 secs of walking in-between with a 10min slow run in the end. It sucked! The road was slippery, I lost count, could not see in the dark  and started to worry that my brand new iPhone 5 would get soaking to top my luck. Luckily it didn’t.

It wash’t a huge success but I did go for a run, I relaxed and run n the rain which counts as double! doesn’t it?

Better luck tomorrow.

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