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iTunes 11

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This update makes iTunes a really good jukebox with all the modern bells and whistles that it should have had for some time now. It has a new and improved UI similar to the iTunes music store has with different “tabs” for music, movies etc. It is way faster in loading  libraries and most important off all it sync with iCloud. This means that any song, movie or series purchased from the iTunes store is available to play even if it is not on the local HD on different devices as long as you use the same account. This is really handy for SD equipped macs like the Air that have limited storage space.

The previously useless mini player is now much much better and actually can be used. The addition of being able to see and change which song will play next is also a great improvement missing from all the previous versions. It is kind of strange that something so easy and basic had to wait so many upgrades to be implemented.

I haven’t had the change to test it but if it works this is also a big step forward for iCloud. The ability to stop watching a movie on one device and continue from where you left off on another, automagically, will add  even more functionality to iPads and iPhones and make train commute slightly more enjoyable.


A major , worthwhile update.

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