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A Bond movie done right.

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Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes is probably the best Bond movie after the Sean Connery era. The plot and cast with the right mix of action scenes and humor all mixed in the right portions make Skyfall an excellent movie. Although it could do with a bit more  female flesh.

The locations are perfect and bring back a traditional Bond look and feel in Istanbul and the traditional market, the skyscrapers and urban set of Shanghai with the familiar rainy England to take us back to something more familiar.

Skyfall lacks the exploding pens, remote control cars and teleporting gadgets but these are not missed since there are plenty of action scenes to compensate.  Cars, there are a few but nothing tops the classic DB5 Aston Martin with the ejector seat and front firing machine guns driven by Bond in Scotland.

Raoul Silva a rogue MI6 agent is Skyfalls villain, a querky character not the all time best but bad enough to give Bond a hard time.
All in all, 143 minutes well spent.

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