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Bye bye to the old, hello to the new…

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Apple just killed the optical drives from its entire new product line just like they did a few decades ago with floppy drive. The MacBook, Mac Minis and iMacs are all lacking an optical drive. A logical move for Mac users but I’m sure most PC users will be shell shocked. Take long deep breaths and use a flash drive, drop box or just buy an external drive!

HDD, well they are on their way out too. They still have the storage capacity that flash lacks due to cost but pretty soon this gap will disappear.

Flash has the advantage of speed and small form factor which allows it to fit into all these super thin devices. But until flash can be affordable enough and provide large storage capacity Apple has introduced today the Fusion Drive that combines Flash technology with HDD. Similar to a hybrid car. Get the milage but if you need the speed the motor kicks in. Well the Fusion drive will store the OS and key apps on the flash side of the HD for speed and the rest of the data on the HDDs larger but slower side. All done automagically.

Geek exciting stuff!

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