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I want my Mac!


I have been without a desktop computer for over a month now. Sold my 2009 iMac and bought a 13.3″ macbook pro which I’m waiting for to arrive. So for the past month or so I have been living off my iPad 2.

A great tablet for surfing, emails, games and some application use, but no computer replacement for a few reasons.

The things I’ve missed mostly are the actual feel and use of a computer and mouse. Clicking your way along in the finder is old school but easy and finally enough I like it.

I have a large photo library which on an iPad is useless. I can’t access it, edit it the way I want and generally manage my photos. iPhoto for the iPad is nice but not really something that can be a replacement for the desktop version. Then it’s music and iTunes. I’m so tired of the same songs on my cars iPod. I want to delete some and add others which is not possible from the iPad.

And wordpress, oh please… The iOS app is basic to the point of useless. The web dashboard is way better but buggy on an iPad.

All in all, I want my Mac to manage my digital life, my iLife,  pictures, music, movies, documents and spreadsheets. The iPad is really great but no computer replacement.




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  1. We are a Mac family. My husband would not be able to function on only an IPad. He would crumble into a little ball and disintegrate if he ever had to detach from his MacBook. I don’t know how you can stand it!


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