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Hello iPad mini. Where have you been? (update)

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Rumors have been going around for some time and usually where there is smoke there is fire.

An iPad mini does make sense for me and it is a matter of time before it is announced.

Although the brand new iPhone 5 has a larger screen the gap between an iPad and an iPhone is still huge. Other devices like the Amazons Kindle  Fire and Googles Nexus are somewhere in between. Mobile computing is on the rise with huge momentum and the need for something more portable than the slightly too big iPad but not so large iPhone is here. The iPod touch just didn’t pull it but has planted the seeds.

Apple has create a huge, successful and very profitable app ecosystem around its iOS which would easily support an iPad mini. Hardware is also available with strong processors and big variety of retina or near retina resolution displays.  Battery life, no problem.

Take an iPhones 5 processor, a larger 7″ inch iPhone 4 display, a few batteries, a couple of Foxconn workers, mix them all up, add a lightning port and Boom! iPad mini.

– 7″ Screen near retina resolution

– 2 HD cameras with Facetime

– The usual 16, 32, 64 Gb memory

– Lightning port

– Excellent battery life

– Wifi and 3G

– around $250

– gamers wet dream.

Christmas is coming and Steve has been watching, have you been  good boys and girls?



Apple has announced a media event for the 23rd. What could it be?

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