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TV broadcasting? not any more

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Is the television dead? Or at least television broadcasting. In the past decades families would sit around the tv and spend their afternoons watching serials, movies, sports and news. Have lunch and dinner with the TV. The TV had power and spoke of the truth.

But now these days are over. A family will have computers and tablets so everyone can kill time with their weapon of choice. Play games, surf, listen to music and watch movies.
News travel faster on the internet and twitter, and if its not on twitter it hasn’t happened yet!
Watching a movie on a set time with ads? That so 90’s. Download it, rent it on iTunes or Tivo it, watch at your own convenience, not the networks.
Sports? Well that is something that can still be broadcasted live. But again the web is quickly gaining ground.
I’m having some free time and instead of watching something random on the tv I wrote this, surfed the web and played fieldrunners. The TV was there, switched off. Sad and crying….not really!

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