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So it is finally here…

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The new iPhone 5 is here and it is looking good. As excepted it is larger, faster, thinner and will make you a better person.

It features a retina display of 326 ppi and measures 4 inches. 44% better color saturation.

Ultrafast wireless with speeds up to 150 Mbps.

A6 chip with 2x the graphic power of the A5 and is more energy efficient. A huge thing since the previous generations had poor battery life.

225 hours standby or 8 hours on 3G.

8 megapixel iSight camera, low light mode and panorama feature which just killed all the app developers. 28 megapixel panorama killing. Also while shootimg HD video you can also snap pics which is handy.

3 microphones for voice recognition and noise canceling.

The connector is the rumored smaller two sided connector called lighthing. There is an adaptor for the old connector so no worries there. No micro USB but who cares…

Paired with iOS 6 it’s a solid Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft killer put into one. Go home or go iPhone.

Done! let the money flow into Apples accounts….

Check out this page for a comparison.

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